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About Master Psychic Milia

Master Psychic / Medium

Milia was born on a warm autumn night in Los Angeles, California.

In Milia's early childhood she struggled with a broken home and divorced parents, along with a strict Catholic upbringing.  By the age of nine, those around her became very aware that she was "different".  She saw things in her minds eye that most didn't see.  Unaware that not everyone could, she spoke out loud what she saw.  She was misunderstood as just having a vivid imagination.  At the age of 14 years old Milia's life changed. The Universe challenged her in ways no teen should be tested, alone and scared she felt as though no one cared. . Milia has come along way from the scared/imagination stage and now is a respectfully and successful Master Psychic.  Creating a unique path of personal transformation through conversations with the Divine Spirit/ Masters helping millions.  

Although Milia was born with her gifts of Psychic (sight), Clairaudience (hear), Psychometry (touch), Empath (feeling), Clairsentience (smell) she has had vast amount of training in both religions doctrine and Esoteric beliefs.  She has been trained by Tibetan monks, along with Japanese Masters.  She has had many personal experiences with real life Angels that have helped her understand her unique gifts and insights into spiritual world.  Assuring her that it is NOT imagination, but a chosen messenger for both worlds, living as well as the beyond.  

Besides being an Artist (once working for Disney), she is also a Teacher, Minister, & High Priestess (in the oldest religion). 
She can be seen on the panel of Psychics at "Ask A Psychic " in Parkland, Washington.  She has been heard on Morning Radio KLAY1830am.  Consulted with Head of Nations, Movie Starts, Health Providers, Performed & consulted with Universal Studio Events.  Along with assisting in local & international Search & Rescue.  

Milia now resides in the countryside in Rainier, Wa.