Classes Schedule for 2016



Tuesday 5th — 26th                                Metaphysical 101     


                                            *******Postponed ...look new date in the future*******        


Tuesday 3rd                                            Introduction to Beginning Wicca             7:00 - 10:00 pm                                $ 40 @ door

                                                    *******Postponed ...look new date in the future*******  


Tuesday 7th                                          Twin Flames vs Soul Mate                      
7:30 - 9:00 pm                                   $  30.00 @ door

Learn the truth about how they are different.  See how past lives play a huge role. One is supported by the universe, the other is feared by the universe.  One you can live with, the other one you can not. Bring your special someone for this amazing and insightful class or come alone and understand why you feel the

way you do..


Sunday 9th                                           Create a  Purpose Diva Goddess               2:00 - 5:00 pm                                   $  25.00 @ door

Learn how to create an amazing talisman that will bring to you whatever you want. Milia (the original creator) will show you hands on how to create this

Diva and take her home with you. Through arts & craft, oils & clay you will make this Diva to hang in your window and watch her bring your request to

you. Gather up your old magazines or books & bring them to add to your project. Fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon.


Saturday 13th
Matters of the Soul                    7:30 - 10:00                                        $  40.00 @ door

This is a one night class. Through a real angel experience, Come hear & witness what Milia has learned about the secret reason why we repeat or attract relationship challenges. Be introduced to your guardian angel as well as your animal totem as they assist you through this journey. Receive a free Gift.


                  Metaphysical 101  
                                  7:30 - 10:00                                        $ 140.00 @ door

****Date to be determined***

This is a 4 week course.  Experience the knowledge about the Secret world of the Old & New age.  Learn about charkas, Phases of the Moon, Crystals and
Divination, How colors can bring you love & abundance. Bring your own knowledge & sh
are. Ask all the questions you wanted to ask a book. On the last night 
of class recap & experience a 10 minute reading with Master /Teacher Milia.

October                       Introduction to Beginning Wicca         7:00 - 10:00 pm                                   $  40.00 @ door

****Date to be determined***

This class is a two part course. The first part is an introduction into Wicca. A one night class that will give you brief look into a widely misunderstood
practice as well as living.  This night is filled and packed with an information to the Sabbaths, History (truth vs myth), Connection to the Elements & more. THEN the second part is by limited acceptance into a year long traditional training. This is not for everyone, but worth every minute of magical training.                                  ***** Fee for the second part of this class is upon acceptance and request  (AGE 

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